25 thoughts on “Grief over my mothers death – ft my sister”

  1. You have my heartfelt sympathies. I stayed in a cot in the corner of my
    moms hospice room for weeks as I watched her die and took care of her, so I
    can really say I understand. Allow yourself the right to feel like this is
    about you too. Give yourself the right to feel and mourn. I wish I had let
    myself do that when she passed. I was just too busy taking care of her to
    think much about me. U can write 2 me if u need to vent. Im not always the
    best at getting to messages lately, but I really try

  2. I’m so sorry for your loss, I can’t even imagine losing my mum. I’m glad
    you have your sister so you can help each other keep your mum alive in your
    memories. stay strong. xx

  3. This may not be much comfort but from my experiences it takes a great
    parent to make a great person and well you are one of the best people I
    know of right now, point being I’m sure she was a great person and the
    world is colder by her passing, you have my sympathy, for whatever good it

  4. I use to dream about my dad coming back to see me and then one night in a
    dream I said to my mom “he won’t be back” and I never saw him in a dream
    again and its been 13 years.

  5. i think it’s so great that you have faith and that it’s a personal thing
    for you i think it’s stupid that especially jehova’s witnesses have the
    reputation of wanting to convert everybody (at least where i live). i’m not
    religious but that doesn’t mean i can push my non-belief on anyone, so i
    don’t get why some other atheists try to… hypocrites…
    anyway sorry for your loss you’re such a strong person that you can deal
    with this at your age <3

  6. I watched my grandma die, & she was a very important person in my life. I
    remember the time I spent in the hospital with her above everything else
    too. I think it’s because it is just so traumatic for the ones who are left
    behind. The image/event is with us forever while they eventually find
    relief (whatever the beliefs are). I hated seeing her suffer too & I
    couldn’t even say anything to her because I was crying so hard the entire
    time. This was a couple years ago now. I am sorry you are going through
    grief as well. It is a powerful feeling.

  7. Her soul is with you my dad says stay strong don’t let it nock you down I
    always remember that sadly I have lost him it’s okay to cry and think about
    it it’s just better..stay strong

  8. +Idranktheseawater
    I lost my dad one month on the 6th so I can relate to your pain. I’m
    suffering from SEVERE bullying and cut my arms and legs. I normally make
    videos, but my tics get in the way. All of my friends are saying: get over
    it! It’s JUST a death! It happens every day!” It’s not JUST a death, it was
    my DAD! Now, I CAN’T even show ny face at school as EVERYONE makes fun of
    me. I don’t care what people say as I am fully deaf. I read lips and can
    talk… I’ll make a new video and post it on here!

  9. You are amazing. I really do not understand how you feel, i have not lost
    my mum, so how could I even remotely understand? But trying to imagine, you
    must be heartbroken. I know this video was a long time ago but ive watched
    a lot of your videos from a long way back as I am in recovery from
    anorexia, and i thought it was about time i made a comment 🙂 You are so
    strong, you have been through a lot. Your videos are extremely informative
    and I love to watch you. Xx 

  10. I stumbled upon your vids several years ago and followed you and then I got
    side tracked for awhile….not from you but from you tube as a whole….and
    now I stumbled on this and I want to say I am so sorry for your loss but
    you will see her again one day just as you believe

  11. I constantly think about my parents passing away one day. My dad’s 60 years
    old and my mom’s 56. I hope that I can be as strong as you. I know my time
    with them is limited so it’s best to make every day count.

  12. im sorry to hear about your mom. my dad died. it was ruff but i know my dad
    chose Jesus as his lord and savior, so i know ill see him again in heaven.
    so i just see him in my mind as him being in paradise until i see him again
    in heaven. hes just on vacation. ill see him again in heaven

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