16 thoughts on “How Does One Deal With Loss? Ask Deepak!”

  1. I understand that the spiritual component never dies. However, when we love
    someone we miss them!!! We miss talking to them. We miss seen them;
    eventhough we know they are continuing their soul pilgrimage. I still grief
    the loss of my beloved ones; I carry a humble survival heart that bleeds in
    pain when I cannot deal with the ‘illusion’ of distance. And I celebrate
    their existence by demonstrating in my daily actions how much better I
    became because of the fact that they were in my life.

  2. thank you for this beautiful sharing about loss of your friend. Big hug x I
    wonder if you might do a video on dealing with trauma of bullying. This
    occured to me by surprise just right out of 8rhs surgery and they continued
    with some actions that impacted what i considered my legacy and falsely
    reported me for something and withheld my work and whilst promising to
    clear my name did not for 10 months and too late for what i needed that
    for. I am still seeming to be at the effect of this…

  3. The point is I was already dealing with the shock of this surgery
    (mastectomy reconstruction) had been alone in the hospital for a week and
    the day i come home this happens. asked for support to just say this was
    not ok from friends but they said nothing. i have been having nightmares
    since.It is an interesting experience but nevertheless in the way of the
    cancer now I am trying to deal with treating.(see my video diary) I have
    felt without a voice, defenceless + traumatised never known before.

  4. I deal with the loss of my son by understanding that there is eternal life.
    My awareness helps me know when he is around. When sorrow sets in I think
    of all the wonderful memories I have of him. I received a revelation a
    couple of months ago, I saw when I gave birth to my son, then it was
    through his death he gave birth to me. I live for him, all I do is for him,
    he lives in me…he gave his life so I can fully live mine…Rebirth <3

  5. “I would grieve out of love”, thank you for sharing that. I am sometimes
    confused in my own grieving right now and your words have just helped me
    articulate now !

  6. Just sub’d to your channel, and i’m so happy i did. Thank you so much for
    this personal video, I love how you describe grieving in a state of love. I
    think that is such an important thing to remember, that you’d this person
    your grieving. With loss of family members i have come to the conclusion
    that I’m a better person for knowing them, and the world is better for them
    having existed. Sometimes its hard not to wish they were around. But then i
    remember how lucky i was to have loved them.

  7. Thank you for sharing your experience. I do not fear death, nor am angry
    that it must happen to make way for new life. I understand it is only a
    transition. Still, my heart clenches and tears inevitably come when the
    idea of the physical separation between loved and beloved through death
    comes to mind (for others’ loss as well as mine). It is sorrow on the top,
    but underneath is something else I cannot define. It hurts, but it also
    feels reverent somehow. Almost a burning. Any idea what this is?

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