25 thoughts on “How to Deal with Losing Someone”

  1. i deal through the same thing as you (: my dad passed away a year ago and
    tomorrow is his birthday…. i miss him so much. i don’t know why he
    committed suicide… he always looked and seem happy.. i didn’t know that
    he was planning that he was going to committed suicide.. i still cry myself
    to sleep. he will always be in my heart forever. i don’t think i told him
    how much i really loved him ): thank you maddi for making this video(: stay
    strong <3

  2. I watched this video a while back when you posted it and recently
    remembered you lost your Dad and made this video…… I lost my dad due to
    pancreatic cancer about a week ago. This video is very helpful. Thank you
    so much for making it Maddi:)

  3. Thanks for soing this video ! really I lost my grandma today 🙁 and I think
    this will help . I am sorry for your lost. life is too short miss you

  4. Your videos are very good and creative but the quality is not the best,
    Amanda got more subcribers her videos have really good quality pretty much
    but she dosent make much creative videos and cool they now look a like too

  5. My best friend died just a month ago and this videl really helped me get
    stronger and stay strong! Thx maddi (btw my best frkend had the same name

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