13 thoughts on “If you are mourning the loss of a loved one”

  1. anyone who needs help… and need someone to talk to, I could help. I’ve
    been through this, losing both of my parents… You are not alone, always
    remember that God is with you, pray… and May God makes us his instrument
    to give strength to others… He’s plans are perfect, God bless you
    all..I’d be glad to share and help you guys… here’s my email add

  2. im lost in the world its always dark light will never come though, it been
    4 years I still miss u, I have never got over u leaving, peeps dont no hw I
    feel all my happness is all fake r.i.p great grandad

  3. I mourn 24/7 over many loved ones who have passed on. For I know they are
    in Heaven and looking down and watching over loved ones! Even though they
    are gone far away into Heaven, it is still hard at times to cope with the
    great loss. For I just lost another loved one whom was like a brother to
    me. May he R.I.P!

  4. I think I can never overcome the lost of my beloved father. I love and miss
    him so much.. he was everything for my family. he was the BEST, the
    GREATEST. we all misses him and his peresence and antics.. in a few days it
    would be his 1st year death anniv. I love you and been thinking about you
    every single day.. I love you PAPA

  5. 5 months ago today, I lost the man I’d been with for 17 yrs. Tomorrow will,
    guess I have to say, ‘would had been-now,’ our 18 yrs. of our first date.
    Everyone keeps telling me that I’ll get through this. How do you get
    through something when you can’t get around it? I miss you Bruce and will
    love you forever.

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