10 thoughts on “Survivors of Suicide Loss sharing their journey through grief!”

  1. you hope your family manages through your death? The family of suicide
    don’t really have a choice in it do we. Let me tell you it is a tremendous
    burden to expect your family to carry for the remainder of their lives.
    Perhaps you should re-think the pain you are thinking of inflicting on

  2. i hope your family does survive because its painful……but it also sounds
    like you have alot of pain too….tell me about your pain, i never heard my
    son’s pain.

  3. Raped at age 12. Abused by family members physically Married girl at 19 She
    cheated and told people I abused her. Moved state. Withdrawal from drugs.
    Fat and disgusting. Ugly.

  4. I just want to sincerely thank you for this video. I was especially touched
    when Larry spoke about his son. Just knowing what my mother is going
    through at the loss of her son, my little brother. I just feel such a
    connections with Nicks story and my brother Joshua’s story. Thank you

  5. This journey is difficult and I am just a few weeks away from his one year
    Angelversary. It is like an ocean some waves just gently touch you ankles
    and you can keep strong and than there are waves that knock you on your
    butt. I don’t know sometimes how I can be carrying on with my life when I
    lost my son to pain that as his mother I didn’t see. I do feel the guilt
    and struggle with that, but I also am able to rationalize my feelings.
    This is a good video.

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