Grieving The Loss of a Loved One with Honor

Grieving the Loss of a Loved One through honor

grieving-1Honoring a loved one could be part of grieving them.  This will depend on how many people are grieving the loss of a loved one and where they come from.

Traditionally, there are ways that are used to mourn the dead. Honoring the dead starts right at that moment when the person dies. How they are handled at their death matters; where they are kept after they die and the preparations done for their burial also matters. Some people will even allow the viewing of the body.

Depending on which culture you celebrate, dead people are honored differently. Some people would gather in the whole village while others don’t even care who attends as long as family members are present. There are others who have to wear specific outfit during the mourning period and even perform some rituals.

In other instances, honoring the dead could be a personal choice. There is away may be you want to handle your dead out of the ordinary. To overcome grief you may want to choose to celebrate their date of death every year by arranging for anniversaries. You also choose to use a certain monument or object as sign of remembrance of your loved ones.

You can choose to honor your beloved one by selecting a place where you give it a meaning and only choose that place for the same purpose. This can be a section in your bedroom, office or even near the burial site. It can also be in form of a sign whereby you decide to light a candle to signify honor that you give to the loved ones. Depending on how you want to access it, you will choose an appropriate place. You can also choose a memory point by assigning it to your animals or objects.

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