5 thoughts on “Couples Counseling (Video 1 Of 4)”

  1. I am afraid that if I will put efforts to changing myself, my husband will
    just use it for his benefit. So in the end of the day I’ll be the one who
    works on myself, but my partner just remains the same. I’m afraid that I
    will get exhausted prettu soon after such lifestyle.

  2. Tell her, counseling changed my whole perspective on life and relating to
    others. Keep putting effort into working on your marriage so that when all
    is said and done, You, did all you could do. It might even changer her mind
    as well.

  3. My boyfriend and I have been together for 6 years we have been engaged but
    we always fight about stupid things he never wants to help me or improve
    himself it hurts me idk how to show him that and understand

  4. What do I do when she says she doesn’t have the feelings for me like she
    did? been married 23yrs and been together 30. I have totally changed my
    life around and threw all the negative out. no more f bombs no more
    selfishness. I want to be the man she married.

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