25 thoughts on “Marriage Counseling 101 – Wranglerstar”

  1. Oh the irony, seeking shade of a tree to work under, because you cut down
    the tree that created shade. 😉

    The Mrs. is right, time for the USA to embrace metric. The math is so much
    easier as you discovered with your imperial decimal tape measure.

  2. dandy tree!! should make some fine boards and beams!! and no she doesn’t
    have a sister, lol, I liked that. you have a good mate that’s for sure!

  3. I’m really happy that you gained more light for your garden (and good
    lumber) but I’m glad you also enjoy the shade that a tree can provide.
    Great video, I can’t wait to see what you do with the wood.

  4. Those Kubota tractors are really nice machines my friend has one and it’s a
    joy to operate and this is coming from an experienced operator. Cody did
    you get my message on youtube by chance?

  5. Was doing some bricklaying recently, trying to get some real precision.
    Just got so tired of trying to identify the imperial measure of 5.29
    inches, for example. Ugh. I’m done with the imperial system for distance.
    Now looking for good metric measurement tools. But I will not let go of the
    Farenheit system!

  6. What a blessing to watch you two work together! It’s also a great
    indicator to me of how far I have to go in grace. It’s a rare man who can
    work side by side with his wife without getting impatient and cranky at

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